We have great solutions aimed at achieving business continuity in operational areas, based on technologies and focused on corporate clients.

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We provide effective solutions for your business with customized and non-complex developments, that is, we build powerful, but user-friendly, tools.

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We have solutions aimed at maintenance areas, based on the LRCM process that provide tools and procedures to effectively manage information.

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With each project we deliver to satisfaction we care about guaranteeing the correct use and use of the solutions, through a training and training program. During the final stages of project development, we take into account the needs, capabilities and requirements of the end user.

We complement our activities offering courses oriented in the use of the administrative options that were detailed in the technical description of the products. Our training services are widely recognized for their practicality with first-class instructors and flexibility.

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Strategic Business Management Specialist. | Chamber Of Commerce Of Barranquilla.

"I have had the opportunity to work with the company Stack Pointer since 2012, during this time we have developed different projects that have brought us progress to our entity. When I think of Stack as a company, I do not see another supplier that fulfills a contractual purpose, I see an ally that can be counted on in the construction of knowledge and new business alternatives, a company tirelessly dedicated on supporting its clients with solutions tailored to the needs that are exposed, in addition, it´s a company formed by an interdisciplinary group of competent professionals who convey professionalism, experience and confidence in the work they forge."